S-p-o-o-k-y but make it Stylish!

With conversations in the fashion world moving more towards sustainability, this spooky season it begs the question: should we extend this idea to our Halloween costumes as well?

T H I N K about it! Do you ever wear the same Halloween costume twice? Do you love the feeling of that cheap un-lined polyester rubbing against your skin as you’re grooving at Chad’s Halloween party? If you answered big fat NO’S to both of those questions, then maybe consider an alternative to the low-quality one-use costumes you bought last minute at “Big Hal’s Halloween Plus”!

Here’s the alternative: invest your money in pieces that you will wear throughout the season and for years to come! I’m talking cozy sweaters, chunky boots, leather jackets, plaid skirts. All these items can be applied to great Halloween costumes without being the cheap quality and overpriced one size fits all costume. Still need a little inspiration? Check out the mood boards we’ve created for some of our favorite TV heroines! Feeling rebellious like Riverdale’s Toni Topaz? Or maybe a little spookier like Sabrina Spellman from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

Animal Instinct Vision BoardHippie Vision BoardWitchy Vision Board

From spooky to spicy---we’ve got you covered Blush babes!