Secret Shopper

Want to earn a $25 Blush gift card?
Make your next visit to Blush a secret shop! This helps provide us with feedback to give the best shopping experience possible! Read the instructions below for more information 

Upon entering the store, take note of what time it is and about how busy the store is. When an employee greets you, try to note if they gave their name, what they said, and where they were standing when you came in (i.e behind the counter, with other customers, etc).

While shopping, find the Ambre Blends fragrances. Linger around them and see if an employee introduces the product to you.
If shopping at the Brentwood or Downtown locations, look at any Paddywax candles they may have and see if an employee introduces them to you.

Shop around for some items to try on in the fitting room. Pay attention to if an employee adds anything to your room that you didn’t choose (clothes, shoes, accessories). Did anyone check on you while you tried on?

And lastly, what did you think of the store overall?
Once you finish shopping, then fill out this form!